About Us

The Society is a Nevada, family-based, non-profit organization that offers interactive educational programs in a safe environment that enriches individuals, families, and communities through education, community involvement and archaeological/ historic study.  Society members are given the opportunity to learn and grow to their full potential as citizens and community leaders by providing the opportunity for personal growth through programs designed to discover and develop their talents, learn new skills, grow in communication and leadership abilities, participate in community service, and cultivate a greater understanding of the value of agriculture in our lives.

To find a chapter near you, click here https://keystoneagriculturalsociety.org/find-a-chapter-near-you/

Meet the Board Members

Dru Simerson – Chair
Carolynn Chamlee – Vice Chair
Gloria Montero – Project Director
Ruth Miller – Secretary
Susan Simerson – Treasurer
Sunny Phillips – Liaison
Jayden Green – Youth Chair
Marley Ogan – Vice Youth Chair

Meet the Youth Exhibitor Rule Book Committee

Jayden Green – Committee Chair
Dru Simerson, Carolynn Chamlee, Chelsey Simerson, Crystal Baughn, Gloria Montero, Heidi Elyse Thompson, Marley Ogan, and Nancy Ogan.